Experienced Front End of the Business Consulting

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Front-End-Of-The-Business (FEOTB)

 TFG can provide affordable, on-demand, business capture leadership and Front-End-Of-The-Business (FEOTB) support expertise and resources that are no longer readily available in today's aerospace environment. 


On Demand Support

 TFG supports existing and new customers alike with a network of established personal, corporate and customer relationships. These relationships can be utilized to allow the rapid assembly of solution focused "on-demand" integrated teams to address specific client new business planning, forecasting and capture efforts or new business objectives. 


Business/Program Pursuit & Capture


  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Proposal Development Support
  • Color Team Review (Pink/Red/Gold) Support
  • Black Hat/Greybeard Support
  • Business Capture Leadership
  • Business Capture Management 


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